Serengeti accommodation is as varied as the range of animals that make these rolling grasslands their home. From romantic tented camps to exclusive safari lodges and private villas, accommodation in the Serengeti is found throughout the park itself as well as on adjacent private reserves, the latter offering another level of exclusivity as well as activities such as night drives that are not allowed in the public park.

The Serengeti is an all-year safari destination but if you are booking your Serengeti lodge or camp to coincide with the wildebeest herds, you'll need to decide which region you want to be in and when. The annual Wildebeest Migration is a popular event on the safari calendar and the best placed Serengeti National Park accommodation gets booked up quickly! Ask us for advice on where to stay and at which time of year.

Our selection of top accommodation in the Serengeti includes camps ideal for the migration, for families or groups travelling together as well as tucked away luxury suites that are perfect for a Serengeti honeymoon. If you can't find the right one for your needs, simply contact us and let one of our Africa Safari Experts help you find the ideal place to stay.